Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Very little reading getting done (though I may be unfairly comparing my potential reading time to that of my friend who keeps asking me for really good romances to kill downtime between work spurts at her job.) but I'm ahead of schedule on the edits, and I like that . Would love to get more writing done as well, and that will not be a problem. I'm getting back into my groove as it were.

I'm a talker. There is no surer way to shut off my creative impulses than to stick me in a room without human contact and expect me to produce something. I need to talk it up one side and down the other, inside out and upside down, and then everything falls into place and I can zoom across the keyboard and get things actually written. Which is why it's good that my friend Vicki and I tend to be online at the same time. Second day in a row I've been doing the edits while chatting with her, and second day in a row, met the goal without feeling like I'm peddling a bicycle uphill.

I'm at that "yeah, I could edit a little bit more" stage, wanting to check over a page or two more than I'd planned on, because...gasp... I like it. Every bit I do here gets me that much closer to sending in the final manuscript, which I want to do ASAP and see the release that much sooner.

The RWA PRO booklets (available to PRO members only) were posted today, and I had the best time reading through them. Yes, I did get a good contract, and the more I think on the first refusal clause, the more I think that yes, I can tweak the abandoned book about Dalby's mother into a romance rather than women's fiction and slip that in. I'm also thinking about a futuristic inspirational duo I had put on the shelf, but after talking with Vicki, I'm going to have to hunt for the partial and outline of book one.

When I was writing fanfic, I had a dozen or more things going at once, and though I might fuss and stomp a bit, I could get them all finished. Not put a "the end" on every single one, but get it to a place where I could comfortably say "that's it for now, life goes on." End of that episode. I have missed the plate-juggling aspect of writing and I think I may be ready to pick it up again. Too many partials, and I want them to be fulls. And we all know how that works.

End note for the day: finally got Alastair and Luisa married in the Sims. Will upload picture tomorrow.

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