Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Dance Friday #67 - Dancing with what, now?

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Plans for heading to Pipes in the Valley fell through, so instead of live Celtic music, it will be getting current on season premieres in our household. Them's the breaks. I do have the Dancing With the Stars season premiere DVR'd, and probably will give it a gander so that I can talk about it with some degree of intelligence and hey, it could be good. Schroedinger's cat and all - can't say until I've seen. Plus my time travel's heroine likes to watch these things with the fervor of a Roman patrician in the coliseum.

If you think you heard a 'but' in the above, you're right. When DWTS first premiered, I loved the idea and was crazy excited about it. The last two seasons, we taped it, but I watched, hmm, yeah, maybe an episode and a half over that entire run. Not because I'd fallen out of love with ballroom (quite the opposite, and one of these days, ballroom studio within walking distance of my house, one of these days...) but because the name of the show promised me stars and I see...well, one could argue that the A-listers are too busy to participate, this is a great opportunity for those looking for publicity to get it, and if the whole idea is to pair professional dancers with amateurs, does it matter what the amateurs do when they aren't dancing?

Probably not, but I like to have some frame of reference when it comes to the stars and for the last couple years, I mostly haven't. Purely me, everyone else's experience will be different, and I'm sure there are those who squealed with delight at each and every star on the list this year. I recognize some names - Nancy Grace (DH watches a lot of news,) Chynna Phillips (Mamas and Papas daughter, Wilson Phillips,) Chaz Bono (Sonny and Cher's sprog; I have read part of one of his books,) apparently there's a Mr. Kardashian? I did not know that, as I had not been keeping up.  - *Shrug*
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For the rest of them - oh wait, Ricki Lake is also familiar, they will be new to me. What I've found helpful is a paradigm shift. Yes, the title of the show is accurate. These amateurs are dancing with the stars of the ballroom world. Makes perfect sense.

Yep, paradigm shift makes all the difference. I'll give it a go this year again, but this time, I'm watching the pros and yapping about them here.

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