Friday, September 09, 2011

Happy Dance Friday #65 - Filled With Glee

One of my most lasting memories of high school was being booted out of chorus for having a bad voice. Instructor's words, and not in private. Mr. Schuster never would have done that, but I'm not holding a grudge. Since it was too late to drop the class, my requirements were that I show up and not sing, so I used the time to read. Still, high school me probably would have loved something like New Directions, and I wouldn't have minded going to their goofy fantasy version of high school that is often all too real...but at least it has a killer soundtrack.  Looking forward to the new Glee season, and though a little  part of me will curl into a ball and weep at the graduations of Rachel, Finn and Kurt, I'm sure new additions will add their own flavor. 

I am less than entirely sure the world is ready for Rachel to leave the schoolroom.

Whether or not Rachel is in Finn's future, his sweet befuddlement and good heart will be missed.

Kurt's sense of style and unflagging self confidence are going to make me miss him most of all, even at his stubborn best, but I'm sure he'll be fine. 

If there is any possible way to achieve it, I definitely want more Warblers.

 Happy dancing, all!

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Thank you for sharing the videos. I really enjoyed them.