Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Signs of the season

It's that time of year again. I'm at my usual seat in Panera and strongly feeling the pull toward the comfy chairs. I know in my heart this is the last week I can get away with a cold beverage in the morning and may succumb to the lure of a cup of hot chai, though I am trying hard to be good. I spent far longer than I'm proud of in front of my closet this morning - short sleeves? Long sleeves? Three-quarter sleeves? Tank and a sweater? Shawl? Capelet? These are big questions for someone who loves clothes and has a best friend who is a fabulous knitter. I did not even mention the mitts, but it's still too early for that.

Pause to don sweater (went with short sleeved scoop neck tee and crocheted sweater for those curious about this sort of thing.) Still eyeing comfy chair. Still thinking about chai.

Last night, I turned off the TV and got into bed early. Flannel pjs, flannel sheets. Could not decide between paper book (By His Majesty's Grace by Jennifer Blake) and ebook (reread the end of a friend's ms and then dipped into In the Shadow of Midnight by Marsha Canham) - all that was missing was a hot cup of tea (do we see a theme here? No, not parentheses. Tea.) but no milk in the fridge and I didn't feel like getting dressed again to make the hike down the street to CVS. I made do with some sparkling water, and woke a couple hours later to amused husband informing me I was asleep. Thanks, hon.

This weekend, I have two catsitting gigs, Which means much time for writing, reading and art in between feedings and litterbox checks. While, of course, drinking tea and wearing sweaters and all that. Definitely fall, the time of year when I get my super powers back, making up for the long, sweaty, humid summer spent dodging the sun and seeking air conditioning.

When fall arrives, my brain kicks back into gear. There's something about the crispness in the air, the changing colors on the leaves, and the tastes and scents of the season that registers as "right" to my creative center,  making up for summer doldrums. I've heard this referred to as reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder, and I do match the criteria for that very closely. It's  a short jump from "blargh" to "whee!" Less listless websurfing (and no ice packs under my shirt) and if I'm at the keyboard, and not writing, then I'm teaching myself new techniques in graphic art (as above.)

Today, that special fall 'something' came in full force. Welcome back, old friend. Let's do stuff.

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