Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday at the Movies #67 Returning favorites

Since we are within days of the new tv season, (and I haven't been to the cinema or touched my DVDs this week) well, you know the drill.
Squealing like a red panda dressed like a Japanese schoolgirl at finding the long form of the Psych video promo: Oh, where to start? Granted, a Psych-less summer was hard, I'm not denying that, but since the new season debuts in October, I will count it as a birthday present. Guest stars look fabulous this year as always, and are we finally, finally going to get some Shawn/Jules time? Gus can do whatever, because anything he does is entertaining but bonus points if there is a plausible reason for him to tap dance.

Bones, oh Bones! The show where love and death do embrace. I chimed in on a Heroes and Heartbreakers piece on returning shows with a shippy focus - of course Bones sprang directly to mind. This show is overflowing with romance, and Bones is having Booth's baby, oh shipper heaven. Do not drop the ball on this, writers. Do not.

Of course, How I Met Your Mother promises to be legen-wait-for-it-dary this year. Marshall and Lily baby! Barney's wedding! Barney/Robin fireworks! Kal Penn as Robin's therapist! Martin Short as Marshall's new boss! Um, yeah, and Ted does some stuff, too.
How I met your Mother - 7x01 The Best Man (Sneak... by Everything_TV

Not to leave without an actual movie reference, hop on over to Heroes and Heartbreakers (again) for Charli Mac's take on one of my favorites, Notting Hill.

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