Friday, September 02, 2011

Happy Dance Friday #64 - September Songs

I am well aware that the calendar says we still have a few weeks to go before it is no longer officially that three months of burny sweatiness that separates spring and autumn, but in my family, September first is regarded as the start of the new season. Rather like the below, with a triumphant cry of "in your face, Summer!"
En Garde Gif - En garde !
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So it only seems natural that this week's happy dancing be themed around the end of summer and advent of autumn. The first choice was obvious:

While all of my children have four legs and fur and thus do not need to purchase school supplies at any time of year, at any nationally known chain of office supply stores, these next clips are holiday classics in our family:

According to me, the Rubberband Man here is spreading joy, gifting the kiddos with wonderful things:
September also means that much-anticipated season premieres are on the way on the small screen.
In honor of back to school and because this proves that Glee arrangements (because the original makes me want to stick pencils in my ears to stop the pain) can rescue pretty much any song:
Happy fall and happy Friday!

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