Saturday, October 01, 2011

Saturday at the Movies #68 - Sick Ramblings

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This weekend, I am referring to my DH as 'Patient Zero.' Cold brain has set in, accounting for my not remembering yesterday was Friday, so today is dedicated to plopping myself in the relciner and getting current on DVR'd material. With the new season upon us, there's a lot. I had high hopes for X Factor, and what I've seen so far meets expectations. Sure, there are still some auditioners who have, shall we say, creative differences with the judges, but when they're good, they're amazing. Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul together again, and so far, I like what I see from L.A. Reid, Cheryl Cole and Nicole Scherzinger. Not that keen on those who come on talking about how they want to be famous and on the cover of this magazine and that tv show and oy, oy, oy. The ones who sing because they love to sing, though, remind me how much I love the audition process.

Unforgettable gives us Poppy Montgomery (with some seriously gorgeous red hair) as Carrie, a cop with an eidetic memory, the one piece of the puzzle she doesn't have being what happened on the day of her sister's murder. Love the creative cinematography as Carrie can revisit her memories and move about through them. I like the larger story arc and will be interested to see how Carrie's mother's dementia mirrors Carrie's gift.

A Gifted Man stars Patrick Wilson as a doctor with a high end private practice whose comfortable lifestyle gets pushed out off track by a visit from his charitable-minded ex-wife. It's obvious he still has feelings for her, so the first visit isn't entirely unwelcome...until he finds out she's dead. Ghostly visit or guilty conscience? Arguments could be made either way, and our hero's sister's goofy urban shaman boyfriend thinks he can clean up the tangled affair, which provides for some lighter moments. Jennifer Ehle (Pride and Predjudice, The King's Speech) is a nice surprise as the possibly ghostly, possibly hallucinatory ex-wife who hasn't given up on the man she possibly still loves. Possible shippy triangle with our hero, his ex, and the (uh oh) boyfriend she left behind.

Person of Interest and The New Girl are also very much living up to expectations and though I may have to duck a couple of rotten tomatoes for this, I'm going to hang in there with Terra Nova for the foreseeable future; dystopic beginning, time travel, interesting sociology, so we will see. Which of the year's new shows are catching your interest?

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