Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday at the Movies #36 - Mahogany, still to be seen

Yep, still have not seen Mahogany, though it stands to reason that I should have. Filmed in 1970s, check. World of fashion, check. Diana Ross strutting her stuff and Billy Dee Williams doing the same, check and check. Anthony Perkins, check. Iconic music, check. (I remember when our sixth grade gym class had the theme song playing when we had to improvise interpretive dance) Tumultuous and possibly triumphant, possibly tragic love story woven throughout? Check, but still I have yet to view its wonders.

I remember being dazzled by the images in the trailers and ads when the movie was new, but alas, I was too young to actually go see it. Couldn't keep me from hearing the song on the radio, though.

Girl from the projects in Chicago aspires to be a superstar in the fashion world, while her homegrown gentleman friend has concerns closer to home. Love? Ambition? Both? Wrap it all in a kaleidescope of costume and scenery and it's a perfect recipie for an Anna friendly movie, and scenes like this are only a teaser.

Do you know where you're going to?

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