Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Dance Friday #41 - mostly rambling

Mostly rambling this week, because A) YouTube is being pokey, B)my brain is mush from the last couple of days and I must reserve the two remaining brain cells for the query that must go out this weekend and that writing thing I keep hearing about. Still, I hate to miss a post, so a smattering of stuff.

I won't ask any of you to follow the convoluted trail that led me to "Rock Me Amadeus" making a return as an earworm, but I love the opulence and grandeur:

Nobody is ever too old for the alphabet song if accompanied by disco dancing Grover:

The remnants of my brain not dedicated to "must keep writing" and "I need a nap" go to the Sims3 game this week. While these are not my Sims and not footage from my game (still figuring out stuff on that front) I love how the Sims dance:

What random bits of fun give you a lift at the end of a difficult week?

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