Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday at the Movies #35- To Be Seen/Oh The Pretties

Most of this weekend will be spent either playing Sims3, reading or mushing paint around, but I do plan on actually getting to the theater in the near future, because there are some gorgeous films coming out. I know some haven't gotten the best reviews, but who cares? I can freely admit to going to some movies for the sheer visual factor and there's nothing at all wrong with that. Plus I have loved fairy tales since I was a wee princess myself and if they're darker edged, all the better.

Red Riding Hood caught my attention instantly, especially since my art crush, Michelle Ward, has also been inspired by the look of this one.

Beastly: I have loved the Beauty and the Beast story since I was that wee princess, a time which overlaps with my brief love affair of horror comics. Though I honestly can't remember titles, authors or artists, I do have two all time favorite entries from such readings, one of which takes place in an abandoned skyscraper. I think that was probably the start of my ongoing love affair with things that should be full but are empty (more on that later) so when that all gets mushed together, it's pure Anna-bait, and Neil Patrick Harris seals the deal (which of course requires a "what up" from his alter ego on HIMYM.)Enough blathering. I want to see this.

Water for Elephants: I had absolutely no interest in the book, but wow, the look of this movie drew me right in. 1930s, circus, Reese Witherspoon. Happy sigh. Though I'm genre savvy enough to go into this expecting the love story to Not End Well and will have to investigate to see about possible triggers (former caregiver here, and animals being hurt/killed) but other than that, oh the eye candy and story looks promising.

Pirates of the Carribbean 4: On Stranger Tides: I have no words that will not come out like an excited fangirl squee. No Will or Elizabeth in this one, but that's okay, they're living happily ever after. We get Jack, mermaids, zombies, Bluebeard. One seat in the front row, please, with popcorn and Hot Tamales.

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