Friday, March 04, 2011

Happy Dance Friday #39 - Despicable Me (and the ms that eats me whole)

Only one post away from the big 4-0 for Happy Dance Friday, and thanks to E. Catherine Tobler for suggesting Despicable Me as a clip source. I still have yet to see the actual movie, but if these aren't in the dictionary next to "happy dance" then I need a new dictionary. That and the fact that the edits I've been struggling with on the current ms have now given way to rewrites that are making the whole thing oh so much better that I have got to get my groove on here.

BeeGees music, a supervillain dancing with his little girls, and minions, oh mercy, the minions:

I want dancing boogie robots:

There may not be any dancing in this clip, but I sure do like Agnes' outlook on turning a disappointment into a win:

That about sums up my feelings with struggling to the point of writer insanity with a chapter that would not get in line with my edits...but turns out it wouldn't turn into a butterfly because it wasn't a caterpillar but a Cheeto, and as a Cheeto, turned out to be quite the tasty snack. I love when that happens.

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