Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday at the Movies #30 - grousing and coming attractions

This picture is from a couple of years back, but I can verify that it looks pretty much the same as my current surrounds. Still steering into the skid on the non-reading but as the DH is home tonight but in need of extra snooze time, it's going to be reading or a DVD and at the moment I'm not inspired in either direction. On the other hand, I've gotten farther along in a Sims neighborhood than I ever have before and I've been making a ton of art. I almost went to see The King's Speech again yesterday but while the spirit was willing the body was in need of a nap. As we are currently Netflixless (but considering remedying that) my choices are restricted to what's on hand.

Since I recently recovered my copy of About A Boy, this may be an option. Definitely have to snag How I Met Your Mother DVDs at the next opportunity, since I'm on a strong Barney/Robin kick at the moment,and these fan-made promos are only adding fuel to the fire.

Ditto on acquiring Bones DVDs, so a trip to a few local libraries to see who has what may be in order.

Since I found that tango scene last week, I'm very interested in getting my mitts on a copy of Easy Virtue.

Liam Neeson's Unknown looks like it will lure me into the theater in the very near future:

But tonight's choice? Still anybody's guess.

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