Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday tired writer rambles

That's what the calendar says, and by 'calendar' I mean the date I see on the interwebs, because I have yet to find the calendars our family will be using throughout 2011, and have begun my "I may as well make the calendars this year" threat/promise.

Anyway, the polar bear above is doing a fairly accurate impression of my mental state this morning. This comes from three straight nights of partial sleep. Still, it has been confirmed that I am indeed part Weeble and so I will allow the Mssrs Ben Folds (music) and Nick Hornby (lyrics) to peek into my brain and sing my anthem here:

Part of this week is set aside for my RWA chapter's semiannual Book in Six Weeks program. Pretty much the same thing as NaNo, so time to prepare. I'll be delving into the Regency era for the first time with this story, working title I Would Know You, but it's not in or near London, no ton, no rakes, no bluestockings, no wallflowers, but you do get star crossed lovers, a hero with PTSD, an opium addicted heroine and the hero's sister who loves big brother a little too much and not in the right way. I can't wait.

What's on your schedule for the week? More importantly, anybody know where I can find a really good spiral bound planner?

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