Saturday, January 08, 2011

Saturday at the Movies #28 The King's Speech

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Though one of my long standing rants is that I am absolutely desperate for a historical drama that is not a fictionalized biography, The King's Speech is going on my must see list. We'll tackle the obvious first: Colin Firth. Dear mercy, the man can act.

Looking at things in different manners than one usually might has always been one of my natural bents, and yes, I would be interested in this story if it were entirely fictional, which is how my brain addresses it. Do not ask me why; I don't have an answer for that. Let's take a man with a speech impediment significant enough to effect his day to day life. There's a challenge right there.

Since the key to good storytelling is to make things worse to up the interest, let's go up one level. Make this man's job involve public speaking. Worse for him, but better for the story. Let's go up another level. This man's job involves public speaking because his job is being the King of England. Can that get much worse? Well, yes. Because this man is the King of England and we are looking at a world war. Can it get worse than that? Well, yes, because one of the bad guys in this world war we are looking at is an extremely persuasive public speaker, exactly the opposite of our hero's problem and our hero's speech is going to be rather important in how his country is going to get through this very bad thing of massive porportions.

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