Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy Dance Friday #33 - technical difficulties

Polar Bears Being Polar Bears Gif - Polar Bears Being Polar Bears
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One of my favorite parts of Friday morning is searching for the Happy Dance Friday clips. Small slipup (hah, see what I did there? Slidey polar bear, slipups?) today, though. My mp3 player and I became separated (though player is safe at a friend's house and we will be reunited at lunchtime) and thus I have no working earphones. The desperaton backup pair I grabbed in order to not steal hubby's for the morning do not work at all, so while it keeps me from blasting all of Panera with my musical selections, it also keeps me from blasting myself with my musical selections. Since it isn't the same surfing the interwebs for clips of people cavorting to complete silence, today you get a newborn polar bear:

cute baby animals - Acting Like Animals: NEWBORN POLAR BEAR. REPEAT. NEWBORN POLAR BEAR.
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Come on, newborn polar bear. You can forgive anything for newborn polar bear, right? Look at them paws - he was made for dancing allllllllllllllll night long.

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