Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Dance Friday, Father's Day edition

Some of my best and earliest memories of my father, gone three years now, are of him teaching me to dance. He'd told me once that he'd wanted to become a professional dancer as a young man, but his father discouraged that career. My father had many jobs over his lifetime; soldier, teacher, fine artist (his great love) and commercial artist and even worked as a consultant in his field after his official retirement. He never lost the love of dance, though, whether it was in the living room with school-age me, out with my mom or busting his moves at family celebrations.

Since Father's Day is coming upon us, this week, we'll focus on the men of So You Think You Can Dance. No disrepect to the women, but so far it's the guys who are catching the attention at this phase of the game.

Happy Father's Day to all the guys in my life - I'm blessed to know you and you all make me feel like dancing every single day.

First, Alex Wong. I do not blame the Miami ballet for refusing to let him out of his contract the first time he auditioned for SYTYCD, but he's "ours" now:

Next, Billy Bell. I think *I* needed pain management when he had to leave the competition last year due to illness, but I'm glad he's looking all better now:

Kent Boyd's clip gets a possible trigger warning. The spoken word portion addresses Alzheimer's. Still, watching this dance gets a "yes, that's exactly how it feels" from me, proof that Mr Boyd is going to be a very successful dancer.

Can't let this go by without some love for the all star guys either.

Pasha + paso doble (aka the man's dance) = very appropriate:

Mark Kanemura + Bohemian Rhapsody = genius win:

Stephen "tWtich" Boss - I have no idea why it's the second letter in his stage name that's capitalized but with talent like his, does it really matter?:

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