Thursday, June 03, 2010

Cat Sitting and Writing - two great tastes that taste great together?

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I am getting good at this- and by "this" I mean making every post relate to Lost in some way. Though I am good at both writing and catsitting. That's Dharma Initiative cat food with the LOLcat there, and I now have a burning desire to obtain some. Ah, the swan station. Good times. Ayhoo...

Closing in on the end of the second round of catsitting. I have giant blisters on both heels (this is what happens when the temperature soars, melting the glue that held the top layer of padding in my shoes, thus making my dainty footsies slide too much...and this is way more than anybody wants to know about my feet, so I will change the subject.)There was an incident involving a cell phone that resulted in a bruise and some chafing and on this day alone, I have had two cats upon two separate occasions chitter outside the bathroom door, with one of them busting in on me. The recording of So You Think You Can Dance that I set for last night turned out to have a second half comprised entirely of a still shot of the McDonald's logo. Still on pee watch for one of the kitties and the fire alarm does not understand my explanations that while I recognize its need for a new battery, I was unable to obtain same in either of the two merchants within walking distance. :points to giant blisters mentioned above:

That previous paragraph is not complaining, it's statement of fact. Also statements of fact are: three out of three critique partners agree I wrote a very sexy apple; my walk from 2kitties location to 1kitty location provided me with the extremely rare weather where I can whip off my overshirt and get cool air on arms and shoulders (thank you, cloud cover, for I am porcelain of skin and can burn under a forty watt bulb, much less the summer sun.) Okay, that didn't have much to do with writing, but I have my blue racerback tank dress on and that always gives a boost of confidence. (I'm girly. I love clothes. Deal.) Plus my metal water bottle is red with black skull and crossbones and it makes me happy.

So does rambling. I am talking about writing today, I promise. Last night was my weekly nag group, especially precious this time because it comes after one member's trip to Ireland and before her trip to Louisiana. Lucky stiff. So we got virtual travel tales along with the usual benefits. Which is where the sexy apple comes in.

Before anyone gets any weird ideas, no apples were harmed in the scene in question. There is an actual apple, and besides being a tasty fruit, this apple is a symbol of the life my hero has been afraid to admit he wants, but finally admits he does. It's not so much the apple he wants, but what the apple and its seeds represent. I'd had some concerns about using this scene to set up the road story to come, as well as the tension between hero and heroine. Having three out of three critique partners agree that it worked is heady stuff, and gives me impetus to boot Word and get cracking on polishing that story to a fare-thee-well. :cracks knuckles:

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