Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Happy Dance Friday #4

This week's edition inspired by this blog entry by the fabulous Kimberly Loomis. Okay, I will admit that there isn't a heckuva lot of dancing on Lost, but read on. I'll find a way. This week, I declare an all-So You Think You Can Dance edition, because my geekery for this show knows no bounds and rivals my Lost geekery. So this week, performances from and relating to SYTYCD.

First, I had the great pleasure to see the Season Three tour live, and rank Hok and Jamie's "Hummingbird Dance," seen live, as one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life.

More Kasprzak love - Ryan Kasprzak's choreography reel. This guy makes me want to think of ways to convince DH that I really do need someone to choreograph tap routines for random events in our lives. Maybe it's like Steve Martin said, that all world leaders should be given banjos, because it's impossible to be angry while playing the banjo. Same with tap dancing, I'm thinking. Hm, Lost told entirely through tap? If anyone could do it, it would be Ryan Kasprzak. Though Ryan didn't make the top twenty when he auditioned for SYTYCD, his brother, Evan, did, thanks in part to Ryan's choreography. Stuff like this:

Another dancer who I would have liked to have seen go farther on the show in seasons past was Ben Susak. Here, he dances with Pam Chu (who is new to me, but wow, is she wonderful) in a piece choreographed by Wade Robson, another one of my choreograpy crushes. This routine was performed on SYTYCD by Joshua and Katee, but this is raw, intimate, and it's longer and a bit more, um, mature. I want to bottle this and pour it into one of my stories.

Wade Robson himself. This only makes me like parking garages more. (I have had a thing for parking garages since I was a little kid. Do not ask me why.)

Here's the routine that made me fall head over heels in love with the genius that is Wade Robson. Who knew dancing zombies could be beautiful and elegant as well as scary? To make another Lost allusion, if Ryan Kasprzak could choreograph the happy part of Lost, I want Wade Robson to handle the scary ones. Dancing Smoke Monster? You know he could make it work.

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