Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Dance Friday #8

Believe it or not (I had to count twice myself) this marks two months of Happy Dance Friday. I had a theme all set to go, but as I cannot resist the Kasprzak brothers, this time we get Evan:

In Glee, the character Artie uses a wheelchair, but his big dream is to become a dancer:

The episode where the above dream sequence appears does contain a plot thread about tempering dreams with reality, and that Artie's desire to dance isn't realistic, but I (and Dancesport) beg to differ. Last time I checked, a smoking hot samba like this counted as dancing:

I purposely keep politics out of my blog, but I am firmly convinced that all parties could benefit from more of this in Washington:

Officially lodging a protest here; I have lived a five minute walk from a mall for double digit years, and never once has this happened:

Finally, for the 80s purists among us, (including my DH) the original Safety Dance video:

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