Monday, June 07, 2010

By my count (and I could be wrong) I do believe I've come to the end of my "every post must reference Lost" week. Who knows, I might give myself other theme weeks and this is definitely not the last we've heard from me on Lost in general.

This fan-made video properly expresses my excitement over taking the Alpha Males class with Laurie Schnebly Campbell:

Seriously, Lost is a fabulous source for studying different ways characters undertake the hero's journey. Also, take Laurie's classes. They're great. Trust me.

the Sawyer song properly conveys my bounciness today:

...and to take advantage of the current mashup trend, I pay tribute to some very talented fanvidders who have mashed Lost with other hit least in the opening credits:

Well, that gets me feeling all creative and inspired and ready to go pound keys. How about you?

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