Monday, November 22, 2004

The furnace people finished with our floor yesterday. While my office is pretty much unscathed, the same can't be said about the apartment. No damage, but huge mess. The husband and I set about restoring some semblance of humanity (and get the huge pile of stuff off the bed) last night, which resulted in my weeding out a shopping bag full of books we know we're not going to read/read again. That was actually kind of theraputic (plus interesting to see how our reading tastes have changed over the years; I know much much better what I want now) though we did run out of trash bags.

While I've been working today, the husband has been hard at work (at least that's the plan; I have no reason to expect him to deviate) making the place human again. We also have (joy of joys) new bookcases from Target to put together, so I am charged with borrowing a friend's phillips head screwdriver on my way home. Since this means I will have real live shelves upon which to plop my oodles of books, you bet I will remember.

Found a bunch of Elaine Duillo covers (which I collect) that I'd thought were misplaced, so very happy about that. Which reminds me I need to stop being such a chicken and mail the dingdang art specs already.

Had a good art morning (though I am still in the "undead" degree of exhaustion) -- finally figured out the right measurements for the background paper I want to use on my Christmas cards. Bemoaning the fact that I have such gorgeous autumn paper and such little actual autumn left (because the day after Thanksgiving is the day I turn my seasonal papers over to Christmas, and retire the autumn ones until very late August.) Good writing as well -- expanded the scene with the bad guy and his lackey, to ensure the safety of the brat and am now working on the connective tissue to mush that together with the scene before it.

Did I mention being tired? We both slept exceedingly well knowing the furnace people would never bother us again. Though we'll love them next week when the heat actually goes on. Thankfully it's been temperate and hasn't gotten really cold here.

Reading Virginia Henley's Insatiable, and while I enjoy her voice and love the time period, I don't think this is going to be one of my favorite Henleys. A Woman of Passion and Undone were gorgeous.

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