Thursday, November 18, 2004

Some days, you write ten pages, and some days you play Sims. I'll leave it up to you to guess which was yesterday and which was today. Hint: nag group was last night, and I impressed them, yes I did. Impressed me, too, which was even nicer. I am well and truly hitting the middle-middle of the WIP, which is a delight. I love middle-middles for all the angst and turmoil they can contain, but at the same time, I dread them for the spectre of sagging that may come upon them. That is them, meaning the middles of the books, not the middles of me. Especially since..ah, I will stop right there, as I am doing the end of the day babble.

It wasn't all Sims -- though my twice-widowed Betty has the worst luck finding a new beau to help her with her four darling simkids-- I did make a lot of domino pins, even gold-leafed the edges of some of them, and ventured into the Christmas theme realm. So that was a pretty productive day. I'll be cranking to go at more writing tomorrow, since my "what happens next" machine is in full gear. Also, I did edit yesterday's pages. Nag group gals insisted I insert something about the villain assuring another character that the heroine's bratty half-sister (which they wanted to slap, which is good, because that's the intent) was never in any danger. Which she wasn't, but hey, she's eight.

Some heroine stuff over here, some hero stuff over there, some time together, and then the bigbad makes his move, tra la. Boy, do I love this writing business. Beats the stuffing out of retail, I can tell you that. :)

Before I go, I am placing a personal ad: Married white female seeks historical romance novel, 1066-1750 for quiet evenings during furnace-free weekend. You, me, the MIL's hand-stitched quilt and a space heater. Publication date not an issue, but middles of series need not apply. Must be willing to travel in purse, as I may need diversion while appliance shopping with husband on Monday.

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