Friday, November 05, 2004

The wind knocked the puter out twice today, and I refuse to count how many times the printer jammed when trying to print out flyers for our local RWA chapter. It's been one of those days.

Hopefully can get some writing or reading done (still on the Small, it's been that little time to read this week . Rats, rats, rats.) There is a change in the wind, notably at our RWA chapter. New people taking on different responsibilities. Well, me at least. Giving someone else a try at what I've been doing. Flyers are not my strong point, I can say that much. Briefly considered kicking self, but that wouldn't do any good, so I'm going to hand them off with a smile. I can do what I can do and that's all that I can do. New challenges and all that.

Started a notebook for The Wild Rover yesterday. Blank book, actually, for notes, maybe new writing when it's time for that. I bought it a few years ago; don't remember how long, but a while. I do that with beautiful blank books. I'll see one, fall madly in love with it, have to buy it, but with no purpose in mind. I take it back home, stick it in the office, and it lets me know when its project has arrived.

This one, with its 18th century handwriting borders, volunteered when I was poking around for something to put said notes in, so I took it up on its offer. It's actually a gardening themed book, with country/semi antique illustrations here and there; it remains to be seen if that will make it into the actual book, but it fits in its own way. Still need to alter the cover. I have a thing about the word "journal" -- don't like it-- so have to cover that, and also the picture of gardening implements on the front. Needs to have something more evocative of the actual book I'll be writing within its pages.

The weekend is going to be packed full, starting with laundry tonight, so while I am carrying my Orphans in the Storm notebook with me, I'm not expecting too much until Monday morning. Though I do have a very good outline for this next patch, so I'm looking forward to that.

All in all, another week, more story.

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