Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Well, thanks a lot, AOL Music. Not only am I in a reading funk (one of those just finished a good book and now nothing is appealing ruts) but after browsing around, I happen to hit on Johnny Mathis. Found "Wonderful, Wonderful." Played it, and was instantly whisked back to mumblemumble years ago, watching Days of Our Lives, when a distraught Jack Deveraux had locked himself and his estranged wife, Jennifer, in her TV studio, determined to win her back. His heartbreaking performance (in true desperate guy mode) of "Wonderful, Wonderful," complete with top hat and cane (or am I remembering that wrong?) had me almost in tears as much as he was. Romantic. Very, very romantic. Big guy ready and willing to sacrifice dignity and be a total goof if it will help win (back) the heart of fair lady. Haven't watched Days in years (heh) but that stuck with me, and came flooding back with a vengeance. (Pardon me while Alanis Morrisette's "Unsent" runs paralell in my mind with the Mathis song. I blame the husband for introducing me to that one, also....gah, can't remember title, but it's the one with the recurring "what are you, my (blank)/you (blank) me like you are my (blank)" line in it)

At any rate, I'm in that mood again. Where I turn into an airport dog sniffing around current releases and TBR mountains looking for the right sort of historical romance (pause to hum along with "Hands Clean" which I clicked on since AOL music did not have the song I was looking for. And yes, L, the relationship in the song *is* an icky one; it's supposed to be.) ::sigh:: Add in the fact that my writing for the day is a disjointed mess, and I have to show the scene to my nag group tomorrow night. Nowhere near ready, but it's finally falling into the right place. Which is better than staying a mess, right?

"Flinch." That's the song. Gorgeous.


Sidonie said...

I'm in that sort of mood when it comes to reading too--I just finished Rosenthal's "The Bookeeper's Daughter(awesome,awesome book) and nothing appeals to me! Plus, I'm in a HUGE writing slump where nothing is going right so I can't pick up a new release without wanting to shake the author to find out how, how they can write when I can't!! *GGG*

Anna said...

Writing slumps suck, there's no denying that. I prefer to think of it as being "story pregnant" -- it's in there, but not ready to come out yet, and will when it is. When a writing slump hits at the same time as a reading slump, that's what makes chocolate sales rise.