Thursday, November 11, 2004

Thank God for postal workers and Rhapsody book club. My reading slump is broken. What do I find in yesterday's mail but the two latest books in Beverley Lewis's Abram's Daughters series? Woohoo! Love, betrayal, faith and the human condition played out in an early to mid 20th century Amish community.

::pause for happy Snoopy book dance::

Now I have the stregnth to go on. Having one book to read gives me a firm footing to go look at others as well. I normally like to juggle at least two books, preferably three or four. My brain works best when dealing with a small number of things at one time, which makes me the queen of multitasking.

Also very happy with the way last night's Lost went. Man, oh, man, I want to require the entire romance publishing industry to sit down and watch every episode of this show. So, so, so many great storylines going on in this one, each one original, and unique as well as surprising. Last night, I gasped, I jumped, I held my breath. Sun got caught speaking English. We found out why Sawyer is such a sleaze. Rock group guy and pregnant Aussie gal...lovely. Most of all, Sayid.

The man pushed himself to his limits and beyond, and learns the limits of his perceptions. Love, love, love this show. Every character has so many facets that I do not read when Lost is on. I usually do have a book with me when watching TV, but Lost and Survivor (tonight, yay) are exceptions. I love finding out about one character's (or pair, if they travelled together, like Sun and her husband...I'm blanking on his name, so think of him as "Mr Sun.") backstory per episode. I think Sayid's is next week.

::bounce bounce::

Can't wait.

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Teresa said...

Anna, I totally agree about Lost. It's one of the most creative things I've ever seen on television.