Saturday, May 29, 2004

Feeling especially diva-licious today. Got my hair reredded and chatted about Survivor and writing and life. Hair person very impressed that I have two stories sold between now and last time I saw her, said they sound "very romantic" which gave me a warm fuzzy feeling. Or maybe that was the color on my scalp.

Tipped her with a domino pin I'd made, and while I can say that I've never had anyone make the "ca-ching" noise before upon recieving one of my creations, I sure could get used to it.

New writing group stuff is going very well. I have everyone's goals printed on spretty paper and tacked to the wall right where I can see it, to keep me on track, and keep me mindful of what the other gals need. Reminds me that little bits add up, and I'm not allowed to sell myself short.

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