Friday, May 07, 2004

Started this new blog today, part of my new professionalism push. Finally tired of the "storage" part of "office/storage room" and since I actually --nearly fall over backwards time-- have stuff out and about, my thing for this month is to whip my website into shape. Which includes this.

I'm not a big diary or journal person, but I do babble on random occasions. After reading a wonderful article on on using specific colors to "brand" oneself as a writer, image-wise, coupled (actually, never say "coupled" to a romance writer) with the very informative talk given by one of our RWA chapter members on writer websites this past month, I see where I can get a little work done.

I was going to call this "What's an Unzadi, Anyway?" and may yet. I'm still playing. In short, I write historical and inspirational romantic fiction. Some short stories out, some poetry, one novel making the rounds, more in the works. Also a stamp/collage artist, wife, daughter, friend, sister, cat aunty, unwilling laundry slave. Plus I play the Sims a lot. Which actually does help with character development. But onward.

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