Thursday, June 10, 2004

Ah, puter, sweet puter. After most of a week of catsitting (and much sidewalk tromping betwixt two catsitting gigs) I am getting reacquainted with the keyboard. Which is a good thing.

Just turned in an interview with ebook author Belinda Palmer to A Hint of Seduction emag. I love the interview process. I have often said I will talk to anyone about anything, and now I'm getting paid for it. So good deal all 'round.

Also did a little poking with Belinda, who is the marketing director for Wings e-press, whom I'd queried with MY OUTCAST HEART. She didn't see it on the readers' list, so quite likely my message got lost somewhere in the shuffle and I should query again. Which I will do. If I get a no from them, then there's an editorial assistant at Berkley building her own client base, and I've been invited to try there. But dance with the one you came with first, and all.

Still no news on the agent front. It's been a while, so I think one more polite noise and then shoot for some other opportunities for agents.

Much writing-related business going on today. I'm awful at writing my own bio/byline, and Gina at AHoS wants one, so this is where nail-chewing and stammering come in. In the end, I'll get it done, but oy. The process.

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