Saturday, May 22, 2004

Also finishing my Faith, Hope and Love contest judging today. Must copy forms, fill out, mail in, and then my desk is cleared. Will reward myself with Carol Umberger's second Scottish Crown book (I am weak for those fuzzy page edges, thank you dear publisher!) and Roseanne Bittner's first inspirational for the Steeple Hill single title line. Turn of the century Alaska, could it get any fresher? (And how did Chandler Bing get into my post?)

On another note, watched the last "AJ" episode of JAG last night, wherein my favourite character, Admiral Chegwidden retired. John M. Jackson did an incredible job, as always, of portraying the character, and it looks like AJ is going off into a very happy future outside of the Navy. Were I still fanficcing, I'd follow. As is, I expect his character's transfer papers to arrive at the historical desk in my imagination's waiting room, where he can be assigned a proper historical era and a new character can begin to form. I'm thinking somewhere in Cornwall, in the 16th-18th century range. Several possibilities.

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