Saturday, May 08, 2004

Brain blank at the moment, which can be a normal occurrence on a Saturday afternoon. It's been a frenetic week, and I'm pooped. Got the new RT BOOKCLUB magazine todayl, and not terribly thrilled with the current month's offerings. I'm not terribly big on the 19th century as a whole, or paranormals, and guess what dominates the historical offerings this month? Yep.

Not that I'll have any lack of books to read -- picked up the scond in Carol Umberger's Scottish Crown series at the Christian bookstore, and will get to that right after I finish judging the contest books. Also zooming through Laura Kinsale's For My Lady's Heart which is also fabulous. So, must take in good stuff to put out good stuff. Also got a letter from a friend last night that was wonderfully encouraging about writing, so stuff for that to do, too.

But currently -- checking for new stuff to download for The Sims.

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