Tuesday, May 25, 2004

I have an affectionate kitty in my lap, frosty fuschia polish on my toes, my "Just Researching My Novel" tshirt on, so I'm good to go for the day. After kitty has had her cuddle time, that is. She must have a period of time at the start of each day, where she gets to cuddle in my lap on her special afghan (she suckles on it) and I give her belly rubs while I check my email. This is non-negotiable, no matter what the schedule or weather.

Ahh, she's down. This does not neccessarily remove that "I have suddenly forgotten how to write" feeling that often comes at the beginning of a session, but it does restore circulation to my legs. The only way to get past the forgetting to write feeling is to actually write. Some days it's scary to do that, but then there are the days when there has been good feedback, I know I'm going to see other writers in person (I am very much a people person) soon, and it's easier to connect.

Plus I want to see what Simon and Jonnet are up to.

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