Friday, May 14, 2004

Finished and sent in my scoresheets for the Daphne contest. One contest down, one more to go, and one in the making. I volunteered for my RWA chapter's contest committee. This will be our second year running the contest (for unpubs only so far) and I'm looking forward to the experience. Brings out my inner Simon Cowell. Or inner Paula Abdul. Oh, shooties, inner Randy Jackson come to think of it. I'm not a meanie, but then again when judging in the pubbed category, chances are things are going to be good anyway. The FHL contest is pubbed also, and the judging criteria briefer. I hope to have that down by midweek at the latest. Good thing I'm a fast reader.

Will probably do today's writing-writing at home. Husband working, nothing planned, just me, fresh sheets and my notebook. Ah, bliss. Unless I crash.

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