Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday at the Movies #94 - Beauty and the Beast 2.0

In the interests of full disclosure, no, I did not see the original Beauty and the Beast tv series. Love the fairy tale, love the concept of the series, but meh on Linda Hamilton, so gave the original a pass. I know, I know. Underground society of outcasts, in (or under) NYC, tortured romance, but if one of the leads doesn't do it for me, I'm going to have a hard time following. Plus I know what happened to one half of the couple and what the powers that be tried to stick in after that happened, and uh uh, ain't having that. No substitutions when it comes to romance h/hs, thanks.

Still an intriguing concept, though, and so my ears perked when I hear that the CW (also doing an adaptation of Green Arrow, though that's for another post) was doing a new version of the series for the upcoming season, I had to do a little poking around.

Maybe it's that I'm in the middle of a Moonlight rewatch - previously rhapsodized upon here, but I'm getting a similar feel for this; otherwordly hero who used to be human, has been watching over heroine from afar for some time, heroine is in a profession where she gets to investigate suspicious doings, etc, etc. Maybe it's that the background music happens to be "New York," by Snow Patrol, one of my current earworms and a story seed burrowing itself into my brain.

Or maybe it's that I flat out love the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale. :shrug: Whatever it is, I'll be tuning in at least to the pilot and see how things go from there. Will you be watching? Fans of the original series, what do you think of the remake?

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