Saturday, June 09, 2012

Saturday at the Movies #93 - Bel Ami

Okay, this one has Anna bait smeared all over it. It's a historical drama which is not a fictionalized biography, we have Belle Epoque Paris, gorgeous sets and costumes, and the original story is by Guy de Maupassant. Then we have a cast including Colm Meany (who can play anything, seriously)along with Uma Thurman, Kristin Scott Thomas, Christina Ricci, and though I'm not a Twilight fan, Robert Pattinson impressed me in Water For Elephants, so I'm very excited to see what he can do here.

For a fan of the gritty historical romance, this is a natural. Handsome young man back from the wars, impoverished, but when he learns that his looks are a valuable currency, then our story gets started. Some movies, I like going into blind, and for others, I like to do some research first. In this case, I'm not sure, but for those interested in becoming familiar with the original story, it's available as a free e-book at Project Gutenberg here:

The trope of a scoundrel making his way in high society is a common one in historical romance these days, though usually in the Regency period rather than later Victorian era, but the chance to see such a story, set in the era in which it was written, is a rare treat for historical fans. Not looking for a happily ever after here, though there will be encounters and at least one wedding, (two, if it hews to the original) and it's sure to be a feast for the eyes.

I'm sold. How about you?

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