Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Dance Friday #103 - SYTYCD Vegas Week, Breaking Pointe and Where The H*ll Is Matt 2012

One of the reasons I love historical and time travel romance is that, no matter where or when we are, people are people and have the same needs. Matt Harding, of the viral "Where the Hell is Matt?" videos, understands this. Traversing the world to do his own happy dance, first solo, and then roping in volunteers of all ages and abilities, Matt reminds us that dance is a universal language that comes from the heart. My favorite locations from this 2012 version? Have to say a tie between Vienna, Austria and Edinburgh, Scotland. Honorable mention to San Diego, USA, because come on, dancing seal.

SYTYCD Vegas Week

Vegas week is one of my favorite parts of the competition, because that's when the dancers get worked over, hard. Sure, they're great in their own style, with their own music and choreography, but now they get tossed into the fire. They're up against a rapidly shrinking cadre of other fabulous dancers, have to learn a new style every day, and then let's jump in the deep end of the group round. Random music, may have to work with complete strangers, and that's after a full day of competition...and then compete first thing in the morning.

It's no wonder the mighty fall, and even before the first round, hip hop, was over, we started to lose such amazing dancers as Hampton "the Exorcist" Williams. Two of the Dragon House guys departed, one without even trying the choreography, though Cyrus "Glitch" Spencer gets my nod for A) doing his best to convince a friend not to drop out, B) responding to Sonya Tayeh's critique with respect and class, and C) his calm reply of "I would love to dance for my life" when asked to do so. Plus this:

DH will always claim not to want to watch SYTYCD, but then he does, and has already dubbed Chehon Wespi-Tschopp "that guy who was really good." Then admitted he mentally adds in the sound of ripping fabric during the leaps.

Breaking Pointe In "Tempo Tantrums," we have rehearsal angst, conductor vs ballerina issues, and relationship drama between dancers Rex and Allison, who aren't on the same side of the friends/more than friends dividing line. Plus costume fittings (gorgeous) and prop hassles (fifty-foot silks, big fancy dresses on wheels) and three ballets that have to be ready at the same time, with first and second casts for both. No idle moments here, that's for sure?

What about you, dance fans? Did you have any favorites in Vegas Week? Watching Breaking Pointe? Pull up a chair and tell me all about it.


Gerri Brousseau said...

I am watching SYTYCD, but have not yet picked out my favorite. Once they slash the group down a bit more, I will though. I like it when they start really competing and have to learn to do all those different styles of dance, which for most of them, is WAY outside their comfort zone. As for Breaking Pointe, I watched it twice, but I really don't care for it. It's a reality show about ballet dancers ... who thought that one would be a hit? Seriously? Drama queens, all of them! I say this with love because once, about what feels like hundred years ago, I was a ballet dancer.

Anna Carrasco Bowling said...

Gerri, I did not know you had been a ballet dancer. How cool is that?

I'm sticking with Breaking Pointe for the time being, but it's not for everyone. Definitely lots of drama.

Very much looking forward to seeing who makes the top twenty on SYTYCD. It's certainly a challenge when the dancers have to learn and perform a new style within a week's time. Comfort zone is in the rearview mirror for lots of them.