Friday, June 01, 2012

Happy Dance Friday #100 - SYTYCD LA Auditions and One Hundredth Post

When I first started the Happy Dance Friday posts, it was as a challenge to myself to post at least once a week. Common wisdom is to write about something that's already interesting, and since I've always been interested in dance, and was and am writing (now rewriting) a dancer heroine, dance seemed an easy topic.

After all, who can't say "hey, look at this clip" once a week? It's become more than that, and I have to thank the readers, old and new, who stop by and double thanks to those who comment. Mushy hugs, much love and all that good stuff, because it's time to move on to the cornucopia of the LA auditions. I know I'm going to leave out some favorites because there was so much good stuff and only so much space here, so let's get to it.

Stephen Jacobsen's audition again reminded me of the similarities between dancing and writing, especially in light of recent manuscript issues and finally finding the right voice. A former member of the Cincinnati Ballet, his first audition must be seen to be believed (and not in the good way) but there was definitely something there. When given a chance to do what he does best (yes, ballet-ballet) jaws drop. Lesson? In words of judge Jesse Tyler Ferguson, "Trust yourself; you're so good."

With Joffrey Ballet, Alvin Ailey and Cirque de Soliel on her resume, I have a feeling Eliana Girard could have had a ticket to Vegas on experience alone, but I'm glad we got the chance to see her in action. Clip may be NSFW, as it involves arial pole work. SFW audition only clip here.

I crazy love the entire audition process, and one of my favorite aspects of SYTYCD is seeing the dancers who get cut and come back...and back and back and back. Ultimate example this year is Marshea Kidd. Declared dead at the scene of an auto accident six weeks ago, declared okay to dance, now going through to Vegas, along with his sister. And what excuse do we have for not following our own creative passions? Yeah, didn't think so. Bonus choreography round in this clip, which shows some of my other favorites, but that's another post.

See you next year, Johnny Waacks and Caley Carr. See you in Vegas, Sam Lenarz. Oh, and can the Ninja Twins please come on as guest performers?

Okay, dance fans? Who are your favorites?

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