Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Dance Friday # 102 - Breaking Pointe and SYTYCD Utah Auditions

The summer of 2012 seems to be downright terpsichorian (terpsichorean?) and I am not complaining one bit. Breaking Pointe follows the dancers of the troupe Ballet West as they do their jobs. I stumbled onto an episode of this last night while catsitting, and even though my brain is pretty much fried from too much sun (I'm sun sensitive, so I should know better, but the sun was stronger than my protective wear and I can now be the Red Lobster mascot without needing a costume) I found this look at the nuts and bolts of a dancer's life enthralling. From mythbusting popular assumptions/stereotypes to pedicures for much-abused feet and the ramifications of casting for each new ballet, there's a lot to take in, so I will definitely be back.

SYTYC winds up auditions in Salt Lake City, which means tons o'ballroom. Tons o'ballroom makes for a happy Anna, and Witney Carson's performance put me in mind of my dancer heroine from the current ms, so extra happy points there.

One doesn't see a krumper like Mariah Spears every day, but I love how she owns what she does.

Usually, the kooky auditions aren't necessarily memorable for the best reasons, but Gene Lonardo's praying mantis routine earned him a ticket home...good thing he lives in Vegas already. He's through to the next round.

Who are you hoping to see in Vegas?

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