Friday, June 08, 2012

Saturday at the Movies #92 - Take This Waltz

First, some confessions. One: I initially clicked on the trailer for this while scouting YouTube for dance clips. I have no idea if there is any dancing at all in this film. Two: I do not care. Three: I normally don't care for Seth Rogen, Michelle Williams or Sarah Silverman, but I aboslutely love when comedic actors can wow me with their dramatic chops (Adam Sandler, I am looking at you. Spanglish. That is all.) Four: I have watched the trailer for this film about elbenty billion times, because I cannot look away. I was a goner from the second the voiceover started.

The visuals are gorgeous, the music draws me in, and as for the plot, that of a happily married woman falling for her across the street neighbor...there are places that can go. Happy ending or not? Love triangle? End of a family? Is somebody going to end up sadder but wiser?

Should be available On Demand now, and in theaters June 29. See for more details. Definitely catching this one ASAP, so stay tuned for review.

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