Monday, August 02, 2010

What I am doing today –

First, not unpacking from Nationals, because I didn’t go. I have never gone, always wanted to go, and next year, if all goes according to plan, I should be able to go. I am already in talks with friends who will also be attending, so that we can get potential rooming arrangements worked out, and since some of us are married, the husbands or no husbands question arises. If so, the happy couples will want to be together and the single gal likes alone time, so that should work out as well.

Being an extrovert, getting plunked down in the middle of a teeming mass of romance writers, editors and agents, especially in my favorite city in the world, sounds like nothing short of heaven. Which could also be a great title. :makes note to self: Pitching sessions? Let me at them! Come on, getting to talk about my books to a captive audience who not only might be interested in eventually giving me money for making stuff up, but is contractually obligated to listen to me blather for eight minutes? Again, sheer bliss.

Thanks to a very wise aunt, I know to count on bringing home one more bag than I arrived with, luggage-wise. This is achievable by packing two bags each half-full, and the collapsible bag is a lifesaver. For most conferences I’ve been to (never a Nationals yet, but I have not missed NEC since I first started going) there’s a welcome bag, but that can hold only so much. I imagine the freebie room to be something akin to the Christmas windows of the big department stores from my childhood, only grabbing everything in sight would be allowed. I know how to find comfy and fabulous shoes, and though I have so far been unsuccessful in convincing my husband to leave a free book on my plate at each meal, I do like to think I keep the conference spirit all year long.

So, one could count it that I’m already preparing for next year. Already successful in finding a nail polish that will withstand being on my fingers for a twenty four hour period, and in the color I want, so I’m good there. As I’ve said often to other writer buddies, the best thing one can have to succeed in writing is a great manuscript. Since I have four titles in electronic release now, another under consideration, and am getting things in order to send in a requested novel and a novella that has had some interest, I can safely say I’m on the way there.

Other than that, I have writing-related stuff. There’s the chapter sister’s ms I have the pleasure of critiquing, giving support via cell phone to another with computer problems (mostly consisting of barking an order to call the Geek Squad and tell them it’s an emergency, but seriously, those guys rock.) and moderating our chapter’s online course of the month. With occasional moments to emit small “eeps” at the fact that I am teaching a course next month at Savvy Authors (From Fanfiction to Fantastic Fiction.) I love teaching this course, and one of my dear critique partners and I are putting together another course on the ups and downs of partnership. Plus a fun indie project, so I’m not at a loss for things to fill my time and earn myself a good evening’s session of Sims3.

Also waiting for a yea or nay on a potential novella title from aforementioned dear critique partner on a potential novella title, because I trust her gut on this sort of thing. Fingers crossed, writing on.

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