Thursday, August 12, 2010

Oh the drama -How Original #1
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I was originally going to make this a Thursday Thirteen post, but it’s been a dicey week and some change, and to be frank, I’m pooped. Currently debating the merits of figuring out who among us is going to go grocery shopping, since DH and I are both in zombie stage but would prefer not to attempt a breatharian diet.

Without going into specifics, our landlord has been making repairs, so we have much stuff in boxes and out of place, DH has had a couple of medical things, we’re both exhausted and somewhat crabby. On the Enneagram system, DH is a five and I am a four, so imagine all the hijinx that brings when stress is high. Still love the guy, though, and he gets huge, huge hero points for something very thoughtful he did recently.

Without going into a lecture (which a five would love, actually – hee, Love Actually. Did not intend that, but good idea. I’m about due for a viewing.) when stressed, a five needs more alone, quiet time and little to no drama. For a four, stress (and everything) is all about the drama. In the interest of domestic harmony, I try to give the man some space to distress and if the nonfiction tv crosses my extremely low threshold (as in turning it on in the first place) I stick on my headphones and dive into a book. I tell myself this would be a perfect time to watch a couple of movies on DVD but by the end of the day, I'm too pooped to deal with that...because the daily stuff in an unsettled week can drain ye olde creativity.

Sometimes we do need to refill the well. For a five, like DH, a nap and the Food Network are perfect. For a four like me, connecting with stuff that is original and/or dramatic. A few clips that made me sit up and take notice first time I saw them:

Meat Loaf: The singer, not the delicious comfort food. I did get to meet him once at a public signing, and he is a big sweetie, and, I'm guessing, another big flaming four. Hard to pick a favorite piece of his, but I do remember flipping channels, seeing the first frames of this flicker on the screen, and was glued to it until the end. Even borrowed element for a Trekfic I was writing at the time, and yeah, I did tell Meat when I met him, and yeah, his smile at hearing his music broke someone's writer's block needed its own zip code:

Cowboy Troy: Actual first thought the first time I heard "I Play Chicken With the Train" was "I have never heard anything like that before." Which for me, is usually a very good thing. Something that original is bound to catch my attention. I hadn't thought it would be possible to combine rap and hip hop, but apparently it is. Video embedding disabled by request, so clicky on the Hick Hop.

Over and Over: A collaboration between Tim McGraw and Nelly? With a shot by shot split screen of the two extremely different men going through the same situation? That has eyeball glue alllllll over it:

Firefly: I'm not big on westerns. I'm not big on science fiction. In theory, putting the two together should be the Anna equivalent of Kryptonite, but instead, more eyeball glue. Cannot. Look. Away. Only one season, but what a season.

What's made you sit up and take notice? Suggestions welcomed.

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