Thursday, August 05, 2010

Rainy Day

Once again ensconced at Panera, the DH recuperating at home. In case he reads this (he's pretty smart and can probably figure out this is me by the URL)I won't go into details, but things look to be on the mend.

Could have smacked myself yesterday when I arrived for the morning's writing session without my Nothing Short of Heaven notebook, so I made double sure that I have it with me today. I will be a good and productive writer today, I will, I will, I will. I will also, thanks to the issue of Romance Writer's Report I got in yesterday's mail, work on my web presence (more on that later) because apparently there are peak times for this sort of thing? See, learn something new every day.

Especially the rainy ones. For some reason, my brain kicks into gear when things get rainy. Maybe the rainfall makes the ideas grow? I've heard stranger theories. At any rate, good issue of RWR this month, with good tips on the whole interwebs thing, which I very much needed. Debating adding book reviews and/or author interviews to my bag of tricks, and I probably will.

For now, I have a comfy chair and free iced tea refills and a good gander at the rainy parking well as the other patron who is probably looking at something behind me, not at me, at least I certainly hope that's what it is.

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