Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Ah, real life, how you do drop in at the most random of times.

My plan: Go walking with neighbor/writing buddy and then settle in for a writing morning at Panera. During which I would work on the opening scene for "Nothing Short of Heaven." After which I would nab a bagel to go, hie myself to Bible study with aforementioned neighbor/writing buddy, then connect with another friend, then have nice relaxing tub time, then quiet evening while DH is at work.

What actually happened: Went walking with neighbor/writing buddy. Came home to DH needing to go to ambulatory care center. Reconnected with neighbor/writing buddy to provide ride to aforementioned center. Wait in waiting area. DH needs a test run. Test gets run. Reconnect with neighbor/writing buddy to make rounds of pharmacy and other needed errands. Get deposited home to get DH settled. Reconnect with other friend to explain all of above.

I can has nap nao?

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