Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday at the Movies #14 - Movies I have slept through.

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Movies in this entry can only get a partial recommendation, because I have only seen parts of them. In order, yes, but ask me the actual plot and I can recall bits and snatches but nothing more. Why? I fell asleep. :hangs head: This is not to say that the movies were ones I found boring, only that I went when I was whimpering, curl-into-a-ball and cry tired. I should probably see most of these again, with a large dose of caffiene and give them another chance.

The year was 1986. I was a transfer student to Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA. The Mission won awards at Cannes and I found myself swept along in a crowd of fellow students/church camp instructors/what the heck was that group I went with to a local theatre. It had DeNiro. It had Jeremy Irons. It had issues of faith and a historical setting and gorgeous scenery...and I remember assuming the fetal position in my seat and occasionally waking to loud sound effects.

Diner: I remember the football bet. I remember the rich girl on the horse (though I might be confusing that with Hair)I remember the popcorn box. I remember fries with gravy, and I think Mickey Rourke was in this. That's about it. The production date lists as 1982, so I would have been a junior in high school and I couldn't have seen this on my own, so my best guess is probably the second run theater in Montpelier, VT. Otherwise, I guess Santa Barbara again. Definitely need to see this one while awake; midcentury, slice of life, coming of age story and as a midatlantic girl at heart, I love these diners.

The Manitou: Yes, my parents took me to see this one. My father insisted. Yeah, Dad, take your twelve year old to an schlocky horror film about...oh, heck, watch the trailer. I think I slept through parts of this one out of sheer self preservation. btw, Dad loved it.

Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace: Okay, okay, please no pelting with rotten produce. The sole qualifier for this theme is the chase scene. I count the chase scene as two naps. I saw this with my DH and a friend and the friend regrets to this day that she did not use the chase scene as a bathroom break. Other than a much too long chase scene, this movie had a lot - the story of how a child takes the first steps to being one of the greatest movie villains ever, the whole epic feel, Liam Neeson, Ewan MacGregor. Everything execpt the chase scene deserves all the acclaim. If I ever rewatch this, I am skipping the chase scene.

Either Sixteen Candles or Pretty in Pink: Because I cannot differentiate between the two. Seriously. I have seen both all the way through since, and can't remember which one I fell asleep while originally watching. Possibly both, as I do remember one college roommate dragging me to a double feature at about the right time. So I'll include them both.


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