Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

I wasn't going to do YouTube clips today, but as the daughter, niece, and friend of veterans, Memorial Day means something to me. I remember being on the phone with my best friend a few years ago when she saw two uniformed officers and a clergy member approaching her officemate. Her officemate's husband was in the armed forces, serving in the middle east, and the officers had bad news. I remember praying with my friend for her officemate.

For my first two years of college, I attended Vermont College, the civilian campus of Norwich University, the oldest military college in the US. Many of my friends and the guys I dated there were cadets who viewed the military as their chosen career. To them, my family members and my friends, to all soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen and guardsmen, past, present and future, thank you. To the families of those who did not come home, and those who do not know, we grieve with you. I am proud to be a second generation American.

These guys say it better than I ever could:

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