Friday, May 28, 2010

Another Saturday At The Movies

This time, we'll focus on a few films that may not be the best-known, but had a strong impact on me.

Grace of My Heart, the story of a female songwriter in the mid 20th century, will keep me spellbound every time. Which is probably a good reason to hunt down the DVD, hmm? Extra points for featuring the gorgeous song, "God Give Me Strength" written by Burt Bacharach and Elvis Costello. Illeana Douglas is pure perfection, and Matt Dillon, oh my sob. This movie makes me proud and happy to be a creative woman.

The Man in the Moon is another that grabbed me from the very first frame and yanked me whole into its world. Reese Witherspoon's debut, Tess Harper, the way adult lessons can be learned far too soon and the family bonds that see us through it all. Plus the moment when the guy goes for the thing, and...there are not enough Kleenex in the world, but unforgettably well done:

My first viewing of My Brother's Wife was completely by accident. I'd flipped on the TV to check something before heading out, caught a glimpse of a man sitting in an airplane seat, looking out the window, and I did not surface for another couple of hours. Not surprising when that man was played by John Ritter, who used dramatic and comedic talents in this adaptation of the play The Middle Ages:
Embed function isn't working on this one, so clicky link here.

Inventing the Abbots: From the first second I saw Joaquin Phoenix painting on fake Elvis sideburns, I was a goner. Joaquin Poenix. Liv Tyler. Family dysfunction up the wazoo and that "no matter what" sort of love.

That Thing You Do: Catchy theme song, more Liv Tyler, Tom Hanks, the rise and fall and what comes after for a group of one hit Wonders. The pure joy of the screaming, dancing with abandon celebration in the appliance store when the group first hears their song on the radio. Liv Tyler's delivery of the "Shame on me for kissing you with my eyes closed" speech. Well done, young squire.

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