Monday, May 03, 2010

Another Monday, another week...

There will be much writing in this one, feuled by not only a wonderful CORW meeting with guest speaker Elaine Isaak but some really good conversations with writer buddies both online and in person. Melva and Vicki, this week is for you. It's going to be packed.

Not that that's a bad thing (well, except for the fact that I exhausted the printer's supply of black ink in printing out my rough drafts of two novellas and now must print in a rainbow of colored ink until I can get to Staples...or wait for DH to leave for work and pirate his.) There could be worse things than hangning out with the people who live in my head and making their lives have more drama than mine (which is a hard task, seriously)Sending out submissions is a good thing and one step closer to being able to squee about new releases, and I like new releases.

Though I didn't read last night (left the book I was reading at a friend's house and it's one of those "yes, I can pick another book from the umptybillion in my TBR pile, but I want to read that one" books. Okay, and the other ones I want to read most are still in the bookstore and I can get them this weekend.) I did take advantage of DH being at work to appropriate his CD player (if he reads this, I may want to rethink such mentions)and play the import CDs that won't play on my puter. Something started stirring in my head, so I made use of my pre-Panera (Panera write-ins on Monday, yay) and scribbled down some impressions. Will this show up in some form in a future work? Probably so, but no new stuff until I get one or two current projects off my desk and off to those who want a gander at them.

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