Friday, January 27, 2006

First of all, a big Snoopy dance for my buddy Marguerite Arotin, who just sold her historical romance The Locktender's Daughter to Wings E-press!

Then to soothe my tired tootsies, a friend came into possession of some Body Shop foot soak and body scrub she couldn't use, and passed on to me. I now have ten digits of peppermint soaked, properly salt scrubbed bliss, comfortably ensconced in my padded walking socks and bear head Happy Feet slippers.

Writing today went very well. My hero, Simon, is finding out the truth of the Very Bad Moment of his youth and get the push he needs to keep hope in a Dire Circumstance. (Forgive the Capital Letters, as I'm reading a delightful book for review that has chapter titles like that.)

Another contender for best moment of the day was when my dad asked for copies of promotional stuff so he can hand them out in his travels. Seeing as how he was an advertising professional for a few decades, I think I may have the health care market covered. If there's a nurse or technician in town who has not yet heard of my book, they probably take care of parts he doesn't have. This coming from the man who had the firm stance that he'd never read a romance novel and never would, makes me happier than my peppermint soaked feet.

Also reminds me, I need to print his "my daughter writes historical romance novels" bumper sticker which he has said in front of witnesses he *will* put on his car.

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Marguerite Arotin said...

Thanks Anna :-). Your Dad sounds like a good guy. Hmm you gave me an idea with those bumper stickers though :-D.