Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I should be writing furiously to come up with a scene for nag group tonight, but
A) Dana just told me she can make her own Photoshop brushes, which excites me to no end. Historical pictures of my eras, here we come!


B) I found My Outcast Heart on Mobipocket, and apparently people who have bought me have also bought:

THE GAMBLE by Joan Wolf (I've read another of her books, liked it, and the heroine of this one is named Anna...hmm, is that the connection?)

Pocket Oxford English-Spanish / Spanish-English Dictionary -- I speak Spanish. My high school actually had to invent a Spanish Five class for me, since I still wanted to take Spanish and I'd already aced one through four. My teacher gave me a play or novel in Spanish each week and we discussed it one on one on Fridays. I loved that class. Miss Von Neida, are you out there?

VANESSA, by Lynne Connolly -- another historical romance, Regency era. Also Awe-Struck, and I'm on at least one email list with the author.

THE JESTER, by James Patterson -- don't know if my DH has this title, but he reads Patterson.

THE GAURDIAN, by Nicholas Sparks -- never read him, but I understand he writes love stories with tragic endings. Hmm, there is angst in mine, but I promise a happy ending.

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Marguerite Arotin said...

Yeppers, Just send me photos and I'll turn them into brushes like magic :-). Just as long as I finish my own work first. I really gotta buckle down and finish chapter 22 of TLS. But I'm always available to play after I work for the day ;-). Plus I'm really thinking 'bout trying to earn some extra $ by freelance graphic design work so any work I do for you would go nicely into a nice little portfolio for moi :-). Take care Anna. Hope you did get that scene done for the nag group :-)