Friday, January 13, 2006

Kudos to Marguerite the Magnificent, creator of this lovely new background. We've been talking about some very exciting graphic things, so look for notices of new stuff to come.

This has been one of those days. Woke up two (EEK) hours late, so had to hoof it in to work, where I was greeted by a very peeved cat who was not pleased I deviated from the schedule. Olivia is very big on schedule. We refer to her as Franklin Kitty (after Franklin Covey day planners) because she has things down to a science.

Hard time settling in to work, and by two thirty in the afternoon, have not yet been actually writing. Nor yesterday -- that was other work related stuff, but not actual writing. Plus I bought two stamps last week that have yet to see ink or paper. Plus I will not have free time on Monday. ::lay head on desk and sob:: Spent much of the day screaming something not unlike "BAH!" at the computer every time my fingers think they're on a split keyboard, or my wrist (or kitty) touches the wrong button and sentences, windows or pages move of their own volition, transplant themselves elsewhere, or close entirely. ::whimper::

But Lost was great this week. I love Eko, and poor Charlie. If Claire doesn't forgive him, well, I umm...will put them in New South Wales penal colony and let them hash it out in some future book? Quite possibly.

Found out only today that Elizabeth Boyle loved reading Bertrice Small and Valerie Sherwood, too, so now I must go dig out her first novel that I've had in the TBR mountain range for pretty much since it was new. Don't recall why I haven't read it before now, but it will be interesting to see if there are any influences.

There have been a couple of threads on various boards and email loops about 70s and 80s romances, and I always have a soft spot for those. I miss the sweep, the adventure and the larger than life but still believable characters that often turned up in these. I hope to bring a lot of that into my own work. Probably more in OitS than MOH, but have I mentioned I have had a book out for a whole week? Huzzah! I love getting mail from people saying they bought my book, or are going to do it. Now to finish OitS so I can enjoy the whole process over again.

Then the next phase: what book to write next?

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Marguerite Arotin said...

Oh, plotting new a story is just as much fun as writing the old ones. Margeurite the maginificent, LOL I love that. I will have to insist that my hubby call me that from now on :-)