Thursday, February 02, 2006

Huzzah! My very first reviewer-review will be up soon. Very neat. Add to that the fact that tonight is both Survivor and Dancing With the Stars, and it makes for a good evening (though I did have to skip romance reading group to run errands and put away laundry, oh the excitement.)

Definetly moving on toward the end of OitS, with the last scene I'll be doing in a certain locale until help arrives. Time for my heroine to make her move, and the quasi-bad guy to make a choice for good.

Finished reading The Novelist by Angela Hunt, and this only confirms why all I need to see is her name on the cover and I know I'm in for a great read. There's a story within a story in this one, good use of allegory, and even a few writing hints hidden within. This one wasn't romance, but her hard to find contemporary romance (blanking on title) is being reissued by Steeple Hill, so I will certainly keep my eyes peeled for that one. ::Happy sigh:: Maybe time for a reread of some of her historicals. In the romance department, I'm reading Jeane Westin's Lady Anne's Dangerous Man, for review, so I will save the vast majority of my comments for that, but the cover is beyond gorgeous and I am doing virtual backflips ::floop:: over the Restoration setting.

RWA chapter meeting this weekend, and my very good friend and critique partner, Melva, will be joining our chapter, which makes the meeting extra special.

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